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Gluibizzi is a nerd for art history and figurative painting. He graduated with a printmaking MFA in and has been a practicing artist ever since.

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Before Tumblr he was screen-grabbing, sifting through culture magazines and digging through found photos and antique postcards at bric-a-brac stores. Yet the artwork almost separates nudity from sex, both in the images Gluibizzi chooses and in the way he paints them. Some paintings do skew towards the erotic, but that's almost a coincidence. In the nudist magazines of the '50s and '60s they eliminated all the middle-aged men and women.

All you have to do is visit girls-unawares on Tumblr—he's taking requests.

His Tumblr dashboard often feeds unexpected pairings such as nudist beach photos next to a 19th-century etching or a fetish image next to a Courbet oil painting. They really work in that format. But now with Tumblr Search New Hashtags Best Hashtags. Hashtags for nudeart home hashtags nudeart.

For him, nudity is no biggy.

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His father was a painter and he was teased when classmates found out there were often nude models in the family home. But the upbringing has made clear the distinction between images of nudity and images of porn.

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Gluibizzi understands the waters that he explores sometimes yield some morally and legally hot fucing sex images, but he says he abhors them as much as the next person. Private images that seem to be posted without the subject's consent, especially when the subject is underage, he also finds upsetting. And even though Gluibizzi "The Artist" benefits from the growing prevalence of sexual imagery, it is something Gluibizzi "The Father" worries about.

The persistent nature of images on the internet also fascinates Gluibizzi as he projects out decades from now. On the internet, one mistake can last a lifetime — which may change the way we define "mistakes.

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Tumblr isn't an end-all. You be the judge. This article contains adult content. Tagged: German Erotic digital body Profile Portrait genitals 3D-rendered commision girls-unawares sexualized portraits of the tumblr generation.