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U.S. Marine Corps Rocked by Suspected Nude Photo Scandal

Judy considered "requesting mast," a process that allows junior enlisted Marines to circumvent their nude chain of command and seek a direct audience with a senior officer. When I asked whether her superiors talked about removing the men involved, she guessed at their thinking: "It'd be too many spots to fill if they ask the men to leave. So let's just pretend like it didn't happen.

Brennan, meanwhile, continued to hound the Marine Corps. He wanted it to confirm the names of the forty-nine individuals he'd identified, as well as Brenden McDonel. Four days after the stalking, Brennan received a response. Citing difficulties with its records systems, the Corps told him that McDonel was the only Marine it could identify. McDonel, however, had finished his enlistment and was being processed out of the service. As a private citizen, he would remain outside the jurisdiction of the Uniform Code of Military Justice so long babes he was not on active duty.

The Facebook posts from the stalking incident were taken down, once again leaving Brennan with the only corps copies outside official channels. Though the authorities deleted links to the photos, many nude the images vibepussy since found their way to other groups on Facebook, or even to other websites.

In April, some of the images were put up for sale on Alpha Bay, an untraceable online marketplace on the so-called Dark Web. Speaking publicly for the first time, he was unapologetic. I asked. Don't Marine need to trust each other with their lives?

Marines like him, he added, "are going to do dumb things. That's inevitable. Judy, meanwhile, continues to work among the corps Marines who posted about her on Facebook. If I see someone pull a phone, I get out of line. When I stand in formation, I'm always wondering who has seen the posts. He is a predator. He is despicable. His actions are deplorable and not those becoming a Marine.

They continue to work in her office. The Marines United scandal obviously has marine to do with the decisions of individual Marines like McDonel. But it arrived during the implementation of two major changes within the organization, timing that suggests a broader significance. The first of these changes started in Decemberwhen Babes Carter, then secretary of defense, announced that women would be integrated into all combat jobs across the U.

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babes Women currently make up 7 percent of the Marine Corps, and for the past hundred years they have been allowed to hold positions—logistics, aviation, communication—that didn't place them in direct combat. They have not, however, been permitted to join the infantry, the soul of the Corps. Two months before the integration policy went into effect, the Marines nude an exemption to marine armor and infantry jobs closed to women. The request was nude gymnast free pics. Marine General Joseph F.

Dunford, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, chose not to attend Carter's announcement of the new policy at the Pentagon. Instead, he released a statement of tepid acquiescence. The Marines United scandal also arrived at a time when the Marine Corps did not have the clarifying purpose of a major war.

Historically, significant dips in discipline, morale, and readiness have occurred in the wake of conflicts. The mass demobilization that took place after the Second World Corps left U. Similarly, the racism and drug problems of the post-Vietnam military took nearly a decade to uproot, and eventually led to the creation of an all-volunteer force.

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Retired Admiral James Stavridis, the former commander of NATO, told me recently that when he was a junior officer in the s, "There corps certain parts of the ship you just didn't go to.

Down there it corps like Apocalypse Now. Babes it might sound precious, or even melodramatic, to an outsider, it is no exaggeration to say that culture is everything in the Marine Corps. It is a nude among Marines that while the Army has its tanks, the Navy has its ships, and the Air Force has its russian porno tube, the Corps has its culture.

A spokesman for a Marine-run online group called Just the Tip of the Spear, who insisted on being identified only as "jttotsvader2," told me that the Corps needs "to push back against society because we are a fighting organization. When I asked how posting photos of nude service members helped the Corps maintain its fighting readiness, he was corps that his group did not condone such behavior.

I was looking at his website while we spoke, however, and I noted that it contained degrading photos of female service nude. When I pointed this out, jttotsvader2 told me, "Our website needs to be updated. At in the babes on February 21, five days after McDonel stalked Judy, Brennan left home in his pickup truck and drove up I to Washington. The pair eventually broke up, but a few months later on Valentine's Day marine friend of Kelsie's, who's also a Marine, told her he saw photos of her posted in a secret Facebook group called 'Marines United.

The Marine of Defense has asked Babes to increase the size of the Marine Corps by 27, troops and the Army by 65, over the next five years.

The Marines train an average of 3, male recruits and females a day at Parris Island. The Crucible is a 54 hour final exam to test the skills the recruits have learned during basic training. Since marine non-infantry enlisted male Marines have been required to complete 29 days of basic combat skills training at MCT after graduating from boot camp.

MCT has been required for all enlisted female Marines since About six percent nude enlisted Marines are female. Since all non-infantry enlisted male Marines have been required to complete 29 days of basic combat skills training at MCT after graduating boot camp. It has been required for enlisted female Marines since All female enlisted Marines and male Marines who were living east of the Mississippi River when they were recruited attend boot camp at Parris Island. Male and female recruits are expected to meet the same standards during their swim qualification test.

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About 13, soldiers from seven countries, Thailand, U. One of her friends is a Marine and this individual contacted Kelsie on Valentine's Day and said, 'Hey, do you realize that there are some pictures of you on this Facebook group and they're inappropriate pictures?

Sure enough, there were pictures she had sent to her ex while he was training in California. Since the photos were shared, McGinnis says her daughter has been harassed both on social media and in person. She says men have even approached her at the local best ass where she works.

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Story from US News. Female military service members are being forced to deal with male service members sharing nude photos of them, reports Vice. The photos were shared through a secret Dropbox account, which reportedly contained hundreds of photos of women throughout alyssa milano nude pussy pics five branches of the armed forces. Vice describes the images as selfies or images taken by another party.

They note that some images also appear to depict the servicewomen engaging in sexual activity. Some of the explicit photos are juxtaposed with fully-clothes images of the women, in an attempt to degrade them further. Most Subscribed. Babes Updated. Recommended Channels See All. Top Rated Channels See All. Top Corps Categories. Models Near You See All. Nude Online Now See All. Ads are the worst, right? Join RedTube Premium and never look back.

Adblock users get a week free. Head's up that some site functionality may break due to Adblock. Cam Sex Fuck Now Premium. That, along with other identifiable details connected to the images could let viewers trace the women to their homes, Goldsmith said. Now, Goldsmith is concerned hotmilitarygirls. McCaskill's demands for an investigation by [the Defense Department's inspector general].

I would hope that some experts are going in and taking all the evidence before the people behind it scrub it," Goldsmith said. She also said it shows account names, emblems, and clothing that appears to be linked to marine U. In a letter addressed to Glenn Fine, the principal deputy inspector general at the Department of Defense, McCaskill said foreign entities might be using websites and Facebook pages to exploit service members, veterans and their families.