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They frequently appear in the nude at breakfast if they are going skinny-dipping in the pool after. She sees no need for them to dress. I have no problem with Jake sleeping naked in his room or skinny-dipping — even the coed kind. But somehow, the idea of six teenage boys running around the house naked femalebodybuilders porn day bothers me. He remembers fondly how he swam naked at the YMCA through his college years at an all-male school.

He says it builds character and is a significant male bonding experience.

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Indeed, he encourages it. Our best friends are our contemporaries and would be appalled if their grandchildren ran around naked. Have you ever heard of this before?

Is it common? How do other parents handle this? Dear Not: In certain times and places swimming pools, overnight campgroup nudity among young men is not unusual. Being naked all day, however, is much less common, and we would not encourage it.

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You do not have nude allow it, nor do you need to apologize. Dear Annie : Our eldest daughter will be getting married this fall. Naturally, the guest list will teen to have a limit. They are after all kids and not miniature adults. Once an image is spread around the consequences can be severe leading to name calling, public ridicule, cyberbullying and even suicide.

In JulyCincinnati teen Jesse Logan committed suicide after a nude photo she'd sent to a boyfriend was circulated widely around her high school, resulting tweens harassment from boy classmates.

It's considered a violation of child pornography laws or felony obscenity. The law prohibits creation, possession and transmission of child pornography by any "person.

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Some teens have been arrested, fortunately, "most law enforcement officials are handling these sexting cases in a thoughtful way and not treating teens like sex offenders and child pornographers," said Janis Wolak, J. Once a teen's reputation has been tarnished by sexting it can be impossible to repair. Thinking about the consequences of sexting is crucial to protecting a teen's reputation. Colleges, employers, coaches, scholarship providers are all checking the internet and social media to find out more about a student or potential employee.

It's important for kids to understand this before they hit the send button so that they don't destroy their futures.

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Another growing concern is sextortion, the use of nude photos to elicit more photos or sexual contact. Many teens are alone in their bedrooms with webcams and may not be fully aware of who they're engaged with online. Predators posing as teens online may solicit nude photos or videos from unsuspecting kids.

A tween or teen girl may think they're sending sexts to a male friend but instead are sending the image to an imposter, a predator posing as a teen.

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Kids are often unaware that these videos or photos are recorded. Once a naked image is sent, the predator then demands more images and threatens the victim if they refuse.

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This recently happened to a year-old girl from Massachusetts. He threatened the girl that he would come to the U.

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Another international sextortion case recently solved by the FBI involved many adolescent girls in which two men "hacked into their computers and then turned on their webcams to get video of them naked. Once the men had the images, they extorted their victims to get them to provide more photos and videos of themselves.

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Nearby Places. They may feel pressure from friends to sext or they may become victims of sextortion when they unknowingly engage with online predators. Back to the Sudbury Patch. The views expressed in this post are the author's own.

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