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This is the Part 2 of posts dedicated to the young Brazilian model Victor Pineiro. This is the post 5 which introduces to you more guys mostly wearing underwear and pleased to show you a little bit more of their anatomy. Her is a series of pictures of Mach men in underwear. All of them are wearing a piece of one of the Modus Vivendi swimwear collections.

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More are added every week. Here is a new Asian male models post. In this blog Asian cuties are very popular. So we are pleased to introduce more smooth Asian male bodies and this selection is focused on masculinity seen by Asian men. Enjoy the hunks!

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Welcome Evan, you are a great and hot All-American guy. Lucas Loyola was born in Brazil on February You will find a series of pictures of this gorgeous guy showing his athletic body.

They enter the museum's Impressionist galleries donning trench coats.

He is a charming and sweet guy. He is modelling all around the world for the most known designers. Today is the day of BLUE underwear. This series of pictures will let you discovering awesome men bodies and different shapes of undies. More guys coming from East in this post.

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Well as this blog is quite popular in Asia I would like to thanks and celebrate the Asian male. Brazilian fashion models are more and more popular. Close icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'.

It indicates a way to close an interaction, or dismiss a notification. Julie Zeveloff. These are the models, pre-strip show.

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They enter the museum's Impressionist galleries donning trench coats. They even pretend to look at the art--or perhaps they're true art aficionados. It's not long before the striptease begins. Trench coats fall to the floor.

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And the models are off, ready to take on the Musee d'Orsay. They start out slowly