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Going strictly by their attire and defiant postures, these collaborator girls are paraded around the streets.

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But at the time when this picture is taken, this image evokes feelings of victory and just retribution. This photo is taken by Robert Capa. It shows a Frenchwoman collaborator and her baby followed by a throng of taunting townspeople in August She is also passing some women who suffered a similar fate. In the streets of Brignoles, angry French citizens publicly shame and rebuke a woman accused of having collaborated with the Nazis.

Women often were the most upset with other women who collaborated.

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Members of the French resistance in Cherbourg shear the hair of women who collaborated with the Germans. A woman with a shaven head is marched away by a member of the French Resistance in August Accused collaborator women photographed after being punished by the French resistance. Members of the French resistance lead two women accused of collaboration to a local prison, where their heads will be shaved on August 29, A Frenchwoman accused of sleeping with Nazis has her head shaved and shamed by her neighbors in a village near Marseilles.

In the Normandy village of Liesville, angry French patriots take hold of Juliette Audieve, thought to have been a collaborator with the Nazis.

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26 Pictures (Some Are Shocking) of Nazi Collaborator Girls in World War II | History Daily

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