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Repeat the above three steps with Video Bwhich is the openfaceswap that you will insert. If you have a set of images instead of a video, you can instead skip ahead to the Images B text box. Click the folder openfaceswap to select the directory that has all of your images.

Then, proceed to click the Faces B button as before. Click Model. When you hover over the button, the necessary input folders will be highlighted. Paris porn movi this case, those are folders for Faces A and Faces B.

OpenFaceSwap: A DeepFakes GUI – Deep Fakes Net

Training your model will take many hours. You're going to essentially have to play with the values in a trial and error manner, because every deepfake project will vary. Blur is the number of pixels blurred around the edge of openfaceswap face mask basically for blending the subject's face onto the source video. I've had to go as high as a Blur of before. Personally, I'd start with 24 and then go up openfaceswap down based on the results. Erode is for the Kernel size. It's very helpful for the "double eyebrow" problem.

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The Kernel is the amount of the subject's face that will be imposed onto the source video. Negative values will increase the size of Kernel essentially covering more of the source video facewhile positive values will decrease the Kernel size. You'll probably want to go with a negative value most of time, in my experience. Though going too low will sometimes create a weird block openfaceswap around the face, openfaceswap the cheeks and upper jawline.

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Open your OpenFaceSwap location. Copy the files inside.

OpenFaceSwap Blur/Erode etc

Go back to your OpenFaceSwap folder and paste overwrite. It should overwrite your Lib, Plugins, and Scripts folders, as well as your faceswap. Close everything out. Restart your PC. Try again.

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Alternatively, you can edit the text file.