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For some of them, the most damning evidence was on tapes secretly recorded after the murder by another teenager, Cecelia Pierce, who like Flynn knew Smart from her job as director of media services at Winnacunnet High School in Hampton. Smart said she was trying to draw Pierce out to find out whether Flynn had killed her husband. I had no experience with the criminal justice system. She still thinks about her husband, about what their life together would have been like and whether they would have had children, she said.

Before she became involved with Flynn, her husband had cheated on her, but they were trying to repair their relationship, she said. Gregg Smart was the first man she loved and she feels responsible for his death, she said.

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Smart has not seen the documentary, which was shown on HBO, because the prisoners have no access to the channel. But she said she was encouraged that others who have and who contacted her sexy it convincing.

He and his friends — Randall, and the two who waited in the car, Vance Lattime Jr. Smart dismisses both accusations: She said that she had already told Flynn that their relationship was over and that pam far as the possessions, she and her husband rented the condo and had not finishing paying for the furniture.

Ricky Davis, an inmate who was at the Rockingham County Jail with Flynn and the others, said in the documentary that they were using cocaine before their testimony. Flynn, who broke down on the stand while describing how he killed Smart, told him drugs made him more emotional in court, Davis said. When she learned that Smart had been sentenced to life without parole, she said she would not have voted for a conviction.

Sicard could not be reached for comment. Albert E. Scherr, a law professor at the Pictures of New Hampshire School of Law and a former defense lawyer, said that the tapes and Smart's affair were particular problems for her lawyers, whom he knows. He said he thought they did a good job with what they had to work with.

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To get the evidence they needed, they convinced Pierce to wear a wire while chatting with Smart. When Smart took the stand in her switzerland porn stars defense, she seemed only to dig herself in deeper.

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Loring Jackson, who supervised the investigation. But in the end the jury of seven women and five men needed only 13 hours of deliberation to return their guilty verdict.

Judge Douglas R. Gray imposed the mandatory sentence for an accomplice to first-degree murder: life in prison without parole. As part of their plea bargain, Flynn and Randall agreed to serve at least 28 years; Lattime would serve a minimum of The boys are also expected to testify against Fowler, who has pleaded not guilty. With the pronouncement of each verdict, cries of joy erupted from the first row, where they sat with other family members, all of them holding hands. If you have opted in for our browser push notifications, and you would like to opt-out, please refer to the following instructions depending on your device and browser.

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