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He takes them to Aether Paradise, where he claims he is certain Pokemon has been brought. After raiding the facility, whose employees have now become hostile to them under the pretext that there are intruders, the player manages to enter the house and office of Lusamineits president, lillie they find Lillie trying to reason with naked, finding out as well that Lillie is Lusamine's lillie, and that Gladion is her brother, who had also ran away from Aether Paradise for similar pokemon.

Lusamine berates both Lillie and Gladion lillie leaving and stealing pokemon her, after all the love she gave them, and shows no care for either of them. Information the player finds in Aether Paradise as well as Lillie and Lusamine's conversation reveal that Nebby was actually a research experiment of the Aether Foundation in its attempt to open more Ultra Wormholes across Alola and naked the power naked the Ultra Beasts ; knowing that the strain of this would be fatal on Nebby, Lillie had taken it from Aether Paradise.

Lusamine manages to get Nebby back, however, and forces it to open Ultra Wormholes across Alola, one of which she goes through with Guzmathe boss of Team Skull. Nebby is revealed to have evolved into Cosmoem in the process, although none of them are seemingly aware of this. At this point, her role diverges based on the game being played. She requests for its help to save Lusamine in Ultra Spacewhere she is unfazed by Guzma's claims that Lusamine is beyond reason, and goes to confront her.

She finally manages to stand up to her, despite being called ugly for leaving her and befriending the player. After the player defeats Lusamine, who has merged with Nihilegoshe attempts to strike Lillie with one of her tentacles, but Lillie cries out to Nebby for help, who manages to sexy striping naked gifs Lusamine and Nihilego.

Before losing consciousness, Lusamine asks Lillie when she started becoming more beautiful. She suggests it join the player instead, who is required to catch it to proceed with the storyline. Lillie then leaves to take care of her mother, and until the player becomes Champion she is not seen, as she is busy caring for Lusamine in Aether Paradise.

During the festivities in Iki TownLillie and the player quietly slip away to the Ruins of Conflict to give thanks to Tapu Koko ; when they return, she tells the ayesha takia sex image that Lusamine is getting a bit better, and even wanted to join the party, and that she has been gently helping her understand what she has done. She also stops short of telling the player something seemingly important; this is revealed the next day by Hauto be her departure for Kantowhere she plans to seek treatment for her mother and become a Trainer in her own right.

She is not seen after this.

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After Lillie has left, the player can read her diary in the loft of Professor Kukui 's lab, as the lock has been pecked open by Murkrow. In it, Lillie writes that her flight from Aether Paradise had been planned ahead, with only Wicke aware of it, and that Wicke had told her to look for Professor Burnet. She is seemingly turned off at Professor Kukui's habit pokemon going around half-naked.

She also notes that Alola does not have naked Gym Leaders or — at that time, toward the start of the player's journey — an Elite Four. Following Ultra Necrozma's naked, she and Lusamine bring Nebby pokemon to Aether Paradise so it can heal from its injuries. As in Sun and Moon, Lillie suggests that Nebby can join the player in the hopes that they can calm Necrozma's fury if they encounter it again, allowing the player to capture it. Since escaping, Lillie has been taking Nebby to the ruins of the guardian deities of Alolabelieving she can learn something about Nebby's true nature.

Due to the circumstances, Lillie always keeps Nebby lillie a lillie she carries around with her at all times. Lillie's Clefairy is kept in a Heal Ball. Lillie first appeared in Alola to New Adventure! Lillie debuted in The Decision and the Tournament of Six. She was entered gabriella hall scenes an Iki Town festival tournament by mistake.

When Moon and Olivia came to place Lillie in the tournament roster, Nebby broke celebrity playboy pictures of Lillie's bag and ran away. They found Nebby at under attack by wild Spearow at Mahalo Trailbut Lillie was too scared to help, forcing Moon to step in and do it.

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When Moon got to Nebby, it used its powers to break the bridge they were standing on, causing both to fall into the water before Tapu Koko caught them and brought them to safety.

After learning Lillie was entered in the tournament by mistake, Moon decided to take her place instead. They watched the tournament on the lillie, but Lillie ended up falling asleep during the second battle and dreamt of her family. When Burnet asked about Lillie's clothes, she accidentally triggered painful memories of when Lillie was forcibly made to dress in her current attire fucking my girlfriend and her sister Lusamine lillie her wishes.

Malay hotties pokemon caused Nebby to fly out and claw at the pokemon, causing an Ultra Wormhole to form. After Lillie fainted, Nebby stopped and went down to check on her condition out of naked. The group was attacked by a wild Bruxishwhich used its psychic powers to make everyone pass out. Sun naked Bruxish and saved Lillie, but ended up falling unconscious. Lillie and Sun later washed up on a beach on Ula'ula, where they were found by Acerolawho took the pair to the Aether House to recuperate.

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