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Fireworks, Live, and Back: A Galapagos tortoise can live up to years and not enjoy a minute of it.

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Why is there an "imgflip. Do you have a wacky AI that can write memes for me? As seen above, the first post-survivor series NXT begins with Josiah Williams making his best attempt to remix Poppy's credo. As with many Survivor series, it felt strange that the current NXT squad would happily dance with the crowd because they showed brand superiority over a group of people who were previously in NXT.

Performance Center trainees who have never been on the show to celebrate the fact that Survivor Series has decided that they are more "NXT" than Asuka, Kairi Sane, Kevin Owens, Shinsuke Nakamura, the four riders and how a dozen others? The tag match ends in the most amusing way. Keith Lee has inadvertently triggered a viral GIF moment and is so taken aback that he forgets to return to the ring and help his tag team partner avoid total elimination.

In case you missed it somehow, Adam Cole walks down the ramp to get hungry and leave no teens porn sexy fock untested, and Lee throws him straight into the crowd.

It was the most iconic NXT image of the year right now, and if it's just about the production teams of God and Vince McMahon, one of those things you'll see in highlight videos for the rest of your life. Besides, it's just super funny. It needs the Shooting Stars meme treatment or the Ducktales Moon theme behind it.

Just keep in mind that this is the case Time 1 Dijakovic has been ignored and disrespected since working for the Ciampa War Games team.

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The only downside of the game is that Bobby Fish gets kicked out of the ring early and lands awkwardly on the side of his face. He is pushed into the background and replaced by Roderick Strong. Concussions are no joke, especially for a guy like Fish with terrible injury luck. I keep my fingers crossed that he's fine and he'll be back soon.

Ciampa Vs. A chaotic neutral character is an individualist who follows his own heart and generally defeats rules and traditions. Although chaotic neutral characters promote the ideals of freedom, their own freedom comes first; Good and evil are second only to their need to be free. It sounds like I'm inventing a new joke, but I'm serious.

Honestly, I do not think Pro Wrestling ever allowed me to be as stupid as I want to. Lee can claim three against one, but finally Ciampa has to save.

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Since NXT does not play a creative lead role and these promotions are purely coincidental for the opening of tag team main events, Lee, Ciampa and Dijakovic are used against fat shemale porn unified minus fish era troupe. Is there a memorable GIF in this, could you ask? Of course.

He is the GIF that keeps on going. The six-man day has an enema and a ref-bulge. Again, there are no creative influences on the main team. And especially the following GIF. He does not seem to notice that Godzilla rises from the ocean to kill him with fire breathing.

Finn, who has no peripheral vision, is bad, but works for the shot. This is justified because Lee grabs his neck the second he sees when he realizes something is wrong. It's like lavish mocking pause blinking GRAB. But hey, it can still be exciting and entertaining to see Raw and Smackdown bookings as long as they all join in, and you do not do the same thing every week for 15 years.

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Just keep in mind that this is the case Time 2 Dijakovic has been ignored and disrespected since working for the Ciampa War Games team. Dude is literally still on the ring while announcing that everyone except him is allowed to join.

I hope he does not show up and choke everyone, but I would not blame him. It was not just a defeat. Kai was just clouding her former day-team partner, repeatedly banging her knee against a shark cage door and leaving her in put reasonably frequent state of wounded reserves. In the first episode after War Games, Kai comes with Tegan's knee brace in the hand reverse a trophy to the ring and meets one of their two War Games teammates who actually made it into the match and somehow won the thing, Candice LeRae.

Kai, who is so angry gif she can barely control herself, slaps Candice in the face with Nox's magic shoe. This brings out War Games' other teammate, Captain Rhea Ripley, who made it into terry match to scare her away. If you've cheated on your friends, it's fine to meet the little free pictures of jailbait girls lady in Disney Park's printed matter, but you must be scared when the short-haired Aussie runs after you.