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They are then caught by Stevie Rose who is not happy about not being consulted first. Stevie decides to spank both her sub and Mr Rob for playing without her permission. Mackenzie Reed tries to be a big girl and hang out with the upper class and gets caught once again. Her Dad decides she needs to learn she is not too big to spank. He spanks her by hand, paddle and belt.

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Apricott Pitts is a huge procrastinator when it comes to doing her homework. She would much rather play on her cellphone but her dad is completely tired of this and decides it is time to motivate her with a good ole fashioned spanking. Hand spanking and a grill spatula definitely get the point across.

Harley Havik enjoys her first ever wheelbarrow spanking and truly has a lot of fun with it.


The results are quite evident and you get to see for the entire film what the sensual spanker's view is like. Elizabeth James knew exactly what time checkout was because her dad, Mr Rob called the room and reminded her. When he comes back at 11 and finds her still in pajamas and not packed he knew it was going to cost him late check out fees.

Since all the time was now available, spanking time was now on the schedule.

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