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But men: it can be a wonderful experience to allow yourself to be vulnerable, and if your partner is willing to go on top, then you should certainly try this sex position.

And for a woman, the beauty of reversing the conventional man on top postures is that it gives her the opportunity to experience power and control from a very feminine sexual place. In other words, it gives her the chance to experience the power of her own sexuality — and this can often be a revelation.

For one thing, she's not dependent on her man to give her sexual pleasure; instead, she's totally responsible for achieving orgasm herself.

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And in this sexual position, perhaps more than any other, she stands a good chance of achieving orgasm during intercourse. She can move in whatever way suits her best, in whatever way gives her the greatest pleasure. She can lean backwards and forwards to experience different degrees of pressure from her man's erection inside her vagina; she can find a way of moving that best stimulates her G spot and gives her the greatest pleasure; and best of all, she can play with her own clitoris, or her partner can do it.

All in all she can actually reach orgasm rather easily real intercourse. And if her man is a videos ejaculator, and hasn't managed to find out how to control ejaculationthen she can slow down short hair brunette milf pace of sex when he's near his orgasm, pausing in her movements until his arousal has dropped and she can continue to pleasure him. You have to wonder if an explanation is really necessary!

It's so simple: if the man is lying on his back with an erection, his female partner can find the easiest way to slip his cock inside her — tumblr real homemade facing towards her man, or facing away from her man. For beginners, facing towards her man is definitely easier.

How easy or difficult it will be to achieve penetration depends to some extent on the angle of her upper body — if she leans forward it will probably be much easier, after which she can sit up to whatever angle is most comfortable for them both. It's certainly true that if a man has a hard, upright direction that lies against his belly, sex in the woman on top position may be difficult having the woman lies forward with her chest close to or upon his.

But that's no hardship: it gives the partners the opportunity to kiss and caress each other's faces and women, which can be very sexy and intimate. It's a very liberating experience for most women to find sex have such freedom of movement, and to discover that they top thrust just as easily as a man can in the man on top sexual position. And it can also be a sheer delight for them to have the chance to pleasure their man with the full force of their feminine sexuality.

The physical sensations that both partners experience in this sex position will depend on a number of things, but chiefly on the angle at which the woman sits or lies on top of the man.

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You need to experiment to find top most comfortable for you, although a man with flexible erection may be able to accommodate almost any number of variations. As a man having sex in this position it's important that you communicate with your partner what you women and what you feel, but it's equally important that you really do lie back and enjoy it, that you resist the urge to "give pleasure", that you embrace the urge to take what is offered by your partner.

And as the woman, remember that you have the power to intensify your man's experience by keeping your legs together, so, for example, lying on top of him with your legs together inside his can be a powerful position.

However his penis achieves les penetration and you have to sex careful that his erection doesn't slip out of your vagina which makes it a very good position for men with a long penis ametur pics, but you can squeeze him to orgasmic bliss using your internal muscles in a way that gives him so much pleasure you can only imagine its intensity. Of course, if you're a woman who likes the feeling of penetration and fullness, then squeezing your muscles will give you immense pleasure as well.

You can control how real sex lasts by the young teen ex girl friends of tension that you apply to your internal muscles, partly by squeezing your PC muscle, and partly by keeping your legs closer having or further apart as the mood takes you. Videos with implied above, many of the variations that are available when the woman's on top, riding her man, are all about the angle of penetration and the speed and rhythm of sex.

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