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Uploaded by Victor George. Enjoy the things you like. How can you concentrate so much on the things you hate. Log in Sign up. Shaytards reaction gif roll eyes six brotard brotard gif. Ghost World roll eyes Enid gif thora birch. Tom Hughes Tom Hughes 1 1 gold badge 8 8 silver badges 13 13 bronze badges. Yes, you do "roll your eyes" upward to express disbelief.

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To the heavens, specifically, as in "Saints preserve us, is this guy for real?! Disbelief is usually closest to the true meaning. Specifically, not amazed disbelief or doubtful disbelief, but annoyed, bored, dissenting disbelief.

Visit chat. I've never seen this phrase used in the context of technical documentation.

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The phrase is often used specifically in the context of teenagers rolling their eyes at something their parents, or another authority figure, is saying. Given this context I believe the sense of "rolling your eyes" includes a connotation of silent resistance, or only grudging acceptance, of that authority figure's pronouncement.

The resistance could be to excessive repetition, or it could be resistance more generally to the right of the speaker to make the statement or issue eyes instruction that is met with rolling eyes. Your We chat with Major League Hacking about all-nighters, cup stacking, and therapy dogs. Listen now. Like us on Roll There are no videos currently available. Uploaded by Victor George. Uploaded by NanoRanger. Uploaded by Don. Well, the usage of the gesture is obvious — a person can roll his or her eyes when someone blatantly talks nonsense or college fuck fest chico state university asking just a wacky question, the answer to which can only be rolling eyes.

How can you convey your discontent with the stupidity said by the other person not during a face-to-face meeting, but in a correspondence? Well, there are special emoji for such cases! White people put sesame gif and scallions on stuff, and call it "Asian food".

Roll eyes.

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