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Using a program like recuva, any deleted file can be retrieved useless the hard drive is reformatted. Now the only question is does the guy know this? Hype to sell a book?? Cmon Ronda. Hey Mitt Zombie, u have no taste. How can u say she looks like a trucker? Go do something with your life instead of being rude to others.

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My Recipes. The Rachael Ray Show. Cuteness Overload. Jukin Media. Yahoo Now. Good News. Holiday Must-Haves. Foodie by In the Know. You Need This. Add to Cart 2. Yeah for sure. Though I imagine she'll have assets managed. Not a high street bank just accumulating interest from the capital. Yeah exactly -- but have you ever watched the 30 for 30 doc "Broke"? Lots of athletes manage to fuck it up real quick. The amount of money managers that fuck them is exceedingly high as well. Bernie Kosar getting ripped off by his Dad was crazy.

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Dad took a million from Bernie, while also getting big cock masterbation million from the Browns. Just madness.

Not really. If she liquidates any assetts and closes any payments shes receiving from acting things for lump sums she is probably right there. You have virtually no insight into her finances, let's be real. We already have almost. Remember that thong shot that he posted on one of those social media sites where he clearly had a micro-penis?

Give her a few rounds in the octagon and let all that staminkia build up then we'll be Tip Top Magoo! I'm a bot, bleepbloop.


Someone has linked to this thread from another place on reddit:. If you follow any of the above links, please respect the rules of reddit and don't vote in the other threads. The more masculine a human is the more sexually attracted he is to them. Except of course for his super twink Tony Hinchcliffe. LOL why are these people so mad that u dont find rhonda rousey attractive?

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I think it's a mix nudes them having aspergers and some unresolved white knight delusions. I like how human footrest got ronda for saying I can't pull sixes over the internet with absolutely zero proof. Peak reddit. Joe clearly is just talking out his ass when he called rousey a ten just because he leaked caught up in the hype.

She's clearly around a 6 herself by reality standards. Can't count on Joe to be objective all the time but you can always count on his loyal nuthuggers to sperg out on you when you bring it up.

If it's going to get out there, then I want it to get out there on my terms. The same thing with playing the heel. If people are going to dislike me it's because I sought for it to be that way. As it would turn out, the situation surrounding the rousey taken by her ex-boyfriend would come to light in the days leading up to her first title opportunity against Miesha Tate under the now-defunct Strikeforce banner back in The feud between Rousey and "Cupcake" was making headlines all across the MMA community, and the rousey title challenger was doing all she could to promote the fight.

It was during an attempt to post on her leaked media accounts when Rousey discovered the pictures on her boyfriend's computer. And while Rousey explained she took prompt action to delete the photos she found that day, she would go on ronda pose for ESPN The Magazine several months later:.

It was right before my first title fight, actually. Besides her love for sex, Ronda Rousey loves to pose naked, and expose her nudes body. She has small tits, with nice small and hard nipples.

But for some reason, she is not a big fan of showing them for professional shots.