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Shawn Johnson sports. The hottest 4'9" gymnist in the Bejiing Olympics. Shawn Johnson unknown. Shawn Machel Johnson born January 19is an American artistic gymnast. She is the Olympic women's balance beam gold medalist, the individual all-around silver medalist, the all-around World Champion, and the and U.

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Shawn love no one can ever prepare johnson for. But Johnson and East didn't stop with a single Instagram post—the couple also shared a vlog on YouTube only part one, as of right now of their entire hour delivery, complete with the moment Johnson had to get vagina epidural. More is clearly to come on Johnson and East's birth vlog, but apparently the couple's ordeal went more than OK when they finally welcomed their baby girl into the world.

Now, the question everyone's wondering: When will Drew start taking gymnastics classes?

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Kevin: Pelosi said only that she is waiting for the Senate to agree on procedures for a trial, and only then will she send the articles over. I know the Republicans asked for some concessions, but they were all denied. Mattie Larson competes on the floor exercise on Aug. Related Gallery. Larry Nassar listens to victim testimony in the courtroom on Jan. Most Read. Latest U. The "big name" this season is Shawn Johnson.

How does she not shes awesome connie nielsen hot pics admire her and i want to be just like her i love gymnastics and Shawn Johnson:. No Shawn Johnson always had her head focused on nothing but gymnastics! Asked in Gymnastics Who is the worlds famous gymnast?

Shawn Johnson Says She Felt Like She Had 'Failed' When Her Labor Didn't Go As Planned

The worlds most famous gymnast is Shawn Johnson. She is the most famous female gymnast in the world and competed sevral times in the olympics. Chow's Gymnastics and Dance Academy. She is a retired gymnast and was on Dancing With the Stars. She's an amazing gymnast.

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Asked in Gymnastics Who is especially good at gymnastics?