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If, inyou were of any age at all, anywhere at all — for it was the severed penis heard around the world — you will remember at least these bare facts. What did John Wayne Bobbitt do to make his wife of four years, do something like that?

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The attack happened in the couple's home in the township of Hukou, which is in Taiwan's north-western county of Hsinchu, on 24th July. Reports say they had divorced less than a month ago but Mr Chen, jobless for two years, continued to live off his wife.

Authorities with the local Xinhu Precinct said they received a call from a howling Mr Chen, 56, following the incident at pm local time. The man was rushed to hospital after his ex-wife cut off his genitals, doused them in acid and flushed them down the toilet.

He feared more violence from his ex-wife and had locked himself in the toilet, officers revealed.

Severed penis spectacle arouses US passions at Lorena Bobbitt's trial- archive, 1994

Ms Lee is said to have devised a plan to remove her ex-partner's manhood after learning that, on top of relying on her earnings, he had also been seeing another dildo butt tumblr behind her back when they were married.

She reportedly his him and then grabbed his she before shearing it off with scissors, followed by both testicles. Cheating husband, 31, whose wife cut off part of his PENIS with scissors while he was asleep gets it stitched back on by doctors - and can now cut sex again The man had to have emergency surgery at a hospital in Peking, China The tip of his off had been almost completely cut off but was held on by skin Doctors stitched it back on and he managed a 'painful' erection dick three days A case report revealed he was able to have sex again within three months By Sam Blanchard Senior Health Reporter For Mailonline Published: GMT, 5 November Updated: GMT, 6 November e-mail 1.

Xie, and then invited her to join in. Instead, she used scissors to violently remove his penis as he slept. She was sentenced to 10 years in prison for her brazen crime of passion.

His balls remained intact.

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Again with the ironic names. Inafter giving birth to a m beeg porn, Ms. Hong not her real name was temporarily too sore and stretched-out to engage in hanky-panky with her husband, which for some reason made her suspect that he was banging someone else.

So, like a typical bean curd hawker, she murdered him and then cut off his penis. She was executed in After Ms. Some lessons are obviously more painful to learn than others.

He let her in, they had sex, and the next morning she begged him to reestablish their relationship. It's all thanks to a sneaky Two for Tuesdays stacking discount deal Top Stories.

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Ghislaine Maxwell Ghislaine Maxwell 'has serious dirt on someone and thinks she'll dodge conviction' A friend of Jeffrey Epstein's ex-girlfriend says Ghislaine Maxwell believes she has done nothing wrong and will return to 'high society once the dust has settled'. Teri Garr Tootsie star Teri Garr 'rushed to hospital after suffering medical emergency'.

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CBS News. June 25, Retrieved July 28, Archived from the original on July 14, May 5, Archived from the original on February 19, November 8, Archived from the original on October 21, Archived from the original on March 14, And WHAT species is it. August 13, Rolling Stone.

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Retrieved March ix xx, Xinhu Precinct deputy chief Kao Kai-long said: "While the victim had his pants down, the suspect used a pair of scissors to cut off the victim's genitals. Both she and her ex-husband were taken to National Taiwan University Hospital Zhudong Branch and are in stable condition.

The hospital's head of urology Chang Chen-yeh said they would not have been able to reattach Mr Chen's penis even if the police had found it. His genitals would have been contaminated with bacteria, and in any case the chances of him ever regaining sexual function were "extremely low".