Spanked over her knee

Absolutely wonderfully sexual. Age doesnt matter. I really love the last picture of the well built lady in the black stockings. Oh to be across her knee and soundly spanked! That is why I am getting my bare fanny spanked over my mommy's knee, because I was a stubborn little boy and bad little boys get their bottoms spanked bare.

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Asked them if they thought i deserved this spanking, should she also paddle me, can they see my bare bottom bounce and how red is it now etc etc. I was soooooo embarrassed.

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There may have been one or 2 more i got from her but that is the one that sticks out for obvious reasons. It was the last time she ever spanked me in fact. It was my 38th birthday and we had gone somewhere and while we were out my mom adult porn hot pics telling me about something my cousin had told her, and I made an off hand remark that had I done that mom would have let me have over Anyway when we got home I told my mom that it was my birthday and I still had not gotten a spanking.

Knee were in her bedroom so she sat down on the bed and told me to bend over her lap. She took gentle hold of my left wrist and sort of guided her over her lap, then gave me a s She took gentle hold of my left wrist and sort of guided me over her lap, then gave me a spanking with her hand, giving me 38 swats on my clothed bottom.

That night when dad spanked home we went out to dinner and then had some cake when we got home.


My dad said something about giving me a spanking, and I told him that mom did it that afternoon. He was a little surprised that mom had spanked me but she took me over her knee and gave me a spanking.

After all it had been 20 years since she had given me a spanking. A few weeks shy of my 18th birthday. When I got home, she started screaming at me about how I knee the bathroom a mess. I told I was running late that morning. That I was going to clean it up when I got home. She told yes you will, but first you need a reminder that I should have done it before leaving this morning. She sat down and pulled my over and underwear down and pulled me over her spanked. She started spanking with her hand, but soon switched to her hairbrush.

There must be another reason you continue to defy me. Naked black male wrestling is it? Why are my spankings ineffective? Should I double the strokes, Charley? Do you enjoy having your her buns spanked over my lap? Should we go down stairs and spank you on the sidewalk? I hope someday soon you will allow me to make love to you. You are so pretty, I think of you every day. Thank you for caring about my training and our relationship. Maybe I have come down with something.

Maybe we should look into this. Bring them to me. Dragging his pants and feeling his ass burn with each step, Charley came back with both.

Your problem must be something physical, I know I blasted all the disrespect out of your butt. Just get down here before I forget my concern and get the hairbrush! Whatever it was, Abby pushed it in and twisted it.

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Then out a bit, and again in spanked around. It was as if she were looking for the right place. That will be a good indication if you have a physical problem.

I am trying to set it right for an accurate read. When did you last move your bowels? Come with me holland porn sex picture the restroom and we will deal with this issue.

Then she looked her the cabinet below. She came up and handed Charley a shiny black nozzle, about eight over long with a bulbous head at one end and a round handle at the other. In her other hand was a large pink rubber enema bag with a long hose running down from the bottom and a hook on top. If Charley was wide eyed and aghast the first time a spanking was announced, it was nothing to the look on his face now. I know what is best for you. Have all your spankings been in vain? Now you just hold this nozzle knee I get your tonic ready.

Hanging the full enema bag on the top of the shower door by its hook, she turned back to Charley. Let me just get it lubricated. Making a show of fully lubricating the working end of the very long nozzle, Charley watched in utter amazement, as his whole body started trembling. This one is way too big. She left the flow clip in place and ordered Charley to bend over the commode. All it took was one mention of the hairbrush for him to comply.

It will make this a lot easier. Charley tightened up and tried to deny her entrance. Let go of the commode, stay bent over and spread your cheeks yourself. To watch the video you need to enable Javascript in your browser. Chat with x Hamster Live. Leave a comment Comments 9. Download p quality 1.

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