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Ah but it is, or I should say was Pattaya. Snapped at the old Bowling Green from my balcony on Soi Xzyte some years back. They used to let the staff play a bit near closing time. Teelack made pumpkin with basil and scrambled eggs with the stuff I brought home yesterday.

Looks ugly but actually very tasty. Farm fresh? Rock on Tommy. No sign of a motorbike but who cares! But I love mine. I can be her king! Yes i remember that place,bit of a pattaya institution in its time as you say no longer with us. Some pics along Pattaya Tai thai on my way to TukCom to fetch the exchange rate after being a little under motorbikes weather last night. Should be akbar love and hip hop instagram soon but taking it easy.

Rider Memorial Ride, a ride which commemorates GT. A bit of background on what GT. Rider is about. As for the Memorial Ride itself, this fantastic video from last year by Destination Thailand. Wednesday 16th October. With a specific purpose in mind and a girls itinerary, three ladies set off on a three day Mae Hong Son Loop trip.

DGR in Chiang Mai!

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Wednesday October 2nd Fab roads and amazing temples on a glorious Rainy Season day. Tourists to Thailand will be required to have a valid licence to ride a motorbike under new order. Canadian the latest foreigner killed in a motorbike accident. Posted by ThaiExaminer. Carla Boonkong is a magazine writer who writes extensively about woman's issues in Thailand.

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One of her key subjects is the story of Thailand's growing influence in the world and the role played by Thai women in the process. She is now a staff writer with Thai Examiner. Son Nguyen sex in bath an international writer and news commentator specialising in Thai news and current affairs. Please follow and like us:. Follow us facebook.

All rights reserved. In the West when we see a woman on a motorcycle we are really impressed.

There Are A Lot Of Women On Motorcycle in Thailand!

After-all, the percentage of women driving bikes compared to men is very small. The difference in women driving bikes is obvious in Thailand. While the majority of bikers are still men a large percentage of bikers are women. And they look good on their bikes. Many women use their bikes to commute to work. Therefore you see women in leisure suits and formal attire cruising on their motorcycles to their place of business.