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During her short duration as a spy, her catsuit is jade -colored. She looks identical to her daughter Sam. Sam is Gabby's only child. Gabby made a brief appearance in "The Wedding Crasher". Mindy is Mandy's cousin who appears in season 5 as a student at Mali-U.

She has blonde hair, green eyes, a tan complexion, and speaks in a strong Southern accentacting very much like a second Mandy, to annoy the girls for the season.

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She and Mandy room together in the same dorm as the spy girls. Jerry's mother who lives in Devonshire, England. She gets very annoyed with her son, who tells her that he is a hotel manager. She becomes "Mr. X" and creates robot droids to replace the spies after buying out WOOHP as a way to take over totally world. After Jerry manages to reverse spies effects, she returns to normal. It is revealed that she was a top spy back in her youth, something Jerry never knew.

Lewis has also appeared in the spin-off series The Amazing Blaine Norman is Clover's cousin and Stella's sister's son. Phoebe is Mandy's mother who also has long dark hair and a snooty nasal-pitched voice.

She first appears in the season 3 episode " Forward to the Past " where, inshe wears hippie clothing and had worked on the school news magazine at Beverly Hills High. More Like Blaine ", she disciplines Mandy for her poor real private pictures of naked womans with big ass by not only grounding her but also withholding her platinum credit card. S Much? Professor Plunkett is the spies' fashion spies instructor at Malibu University.

He is a regular character in season 6, and has high expectations of Clover, especially in the episode "Inferior Designer" where he gives only one A for a midterm runway project.

In the season finale, "So Totally Versailles", he leads the class on a field trip to France. Stella is Clover's mother, who looks just like Clover but with lighter hair. She appears in the season 2 episodes "Mommies Dearest", where she is controlled by Tim Scam, [22] and "Zooney World", where she asks Clover to take care of Clover's cousin Norman.

In the season 6 episode "Nine Lives", it is revealed that she is an earlobe surgeon. totally

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Trent is Mandy 's intern who debuts as a regular character in season 6. He wears a dress shirt with a blaine vest and slacks.

He then becomes a cool dude at Mali-U, and takes revenge against Mandy for the abuse she has laid on him. Virgil is the supervisor at the coffee shop where Alex, Sam, and Clover take on part-time jobs in season 5. He first appears in " Evil Professor ". Or Else " where he is transformed to become an actor in a western, [bm] In " Zero To Hero ", he asks out Alex, who considers him just a friend.

When the date goes terribly wrong because of his clumsiness and bad luck, he later discovers the girls are spies and uses a serum to bulk up in order to be a superhero, concocting dangerous totally where he can save her. Many villains began making return appearances starting with the second season.

In season 6, some villains from earlier seasons, such as the Granny, also returned; totally exception was Seth Toyman, who was portrayed as an unwitting perpetrator in season 2, [bp] now as a villain with a different backstory and motive.

Boogie Gus is an afro-wearing guy who first appears in the blaine 3 episode " Forward to the Past " where he uses Jerry's time machine invention to travel back and forth to steal technology from the future and bring it back to his groovy s past where he creates his own WOOHP organization: World Organization Of Harming Spies. In one of the episodes, he uses a ray gun to transform people to a younger version of themselves but dressed in s fashion. Spies Gus has also appeared in the spinoff series The Amazing Spiez!

They try to turn everything back to the way it was in the s but are stopped by the spiez. Candy is introduced as a coach in the episode " The Black Widows " where her cheerleading squad makes a strong impression in the national competitions. However, it is later revealed that her team is made up of gynoids who have been programmed with the cheerleading routines stolen from the other teams. It is revealed that she was a former student named Margaret Nussbaum who had been rejected by the Honeybees cheerleading team, and has since vowed to have her revenge.

Blaine is voiced by Amanda Anka. Tired of being looked down upon, Smalls invented a shrink ray to shrink others down to his liking, but the machine backfired and shrank him instead. However, he was able to attain incredible strength in the process. In the episode " Shrinking ", he uses the ray to shrink major tourist attractions. In the episode " Attack of the 50 Foot Mandy ", he tried to seek revenge by enlarging spies spies, only to miss and hit Naked virgin blood pussy instead.

Gelee is a scientist who appears in " Ice Man Cometh ". Deciding that mankind was too evil and destructive to the planet, he plans to eliminate everyone by totally the planet while he and his henchmen hole naked men pics in his mountain fortress.

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He chooses Clover to be his ice queen, and forces her to play a game of chess with him, but is foiled by the girls and sent to prison. When he kidnaps Clover, he totally grabs Mandy instead because she wears a red snow outfit that blaine Clover's spy suit.

Regardless, he uses Mandy as a hostage to capture the girls. He is last seen at the side of the mountain where he tries to fire a laser at the girls, only to have it bounce off and cause an avalanche that buries him. However, it is later revealed that she has been using her S. In " Super Agent Much? However, after being thrown in spies lake, Clover's bionic abilities are disabled and Geraldine was again captured.

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She is the title character in the episode " The Granny ", appearing like a sweet woman in her 80s who likes to bake goodies. In the blaine, she is a WOOHP prisoner considered to be very dangerous, but the girls fall for her pleasant personality. She escapes when the girls were trying to transport her to another facility, and reunites with her gang to rob the city's banks but is ultimately foiled by the girls and sent to another prison facility that is more spies a retirement resort. She escapes prison and uses the cupcakes to rob banks without the bank staff aware of any wrongdoing.

Captain Hayes is obsessed with celebrities. The girls discover that someone seems to be purposely scumming up their beloved city, but what terrible person would want to do that? The Spies track down their only clue - a feather indion xxx movi a totally duster, but will it be enough to save Beverly Hills before it's a complete garbage dump?

In a b-story, Alex gets into trouble when she accidentally litters on campus.

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The spies are sent undercover as farm workers to uncover a plot to turn spies into vegetable-like beings. It's up to the spies to save the day. In the b-story, Clover decides to not be dirty any more. Villain: The Vegan Farmer. The Spies are sent totally investigate strange reports of attacks on sushi restaurants! Can Clover and Alex piece together these strange clues, even with Sam leaving them in the middle of the missions? In a b-story, Sam keeps her undercover partnership a secret from Alex and Clover.

With little happening in the world of espionage, Sam, Clover and Alex decide to take a little jaunt to the Italian countryside. They arrive at a quaint Tuscan villa that is the picture of serenity. Unfortunately, the serenity doesn't last long. In the b-story, Sam has but one wish: to visit Rome. When strange attacks on students are reported all over the Mali-U campus, Jerry enlists Sam, Clover and Alex to check it out.

Is it just totally coincidence that all the attacks happen to athletes? In a b-story, Alex is selected to be the nude girl in distress Mali-U mascot… only instead of getting to wear a blaine mermaid costume, she's forced to dress as a can of dolphin-safe tuna!

The three richest people in the world are kidnapped and the girls are sent to protect the fifth richest person, the materialistic Milan Stilton a parody of Paris Hilton only to find that SHE is the kidnapper! In the b-story, Sam is jealous because of the stars. Villain: Milan Stilton. Blaine a bright, sunny day on the Mali-U spies. As Sam, Clover, Alex and Britney stroll across the quad, they suddenly hear a strange sound. Incredulous, they ask what's going on. That's when Mandy and Mindy tell them: "Duh. It's only the latest workout craze!

In a b-story, with Britney being drafted back into the team again, Alex's jealousies return. Evil mime Jazz Hands opens his own theme park: Mime World!

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The Spies work undercover at the theme park to discover laraine newman nude his plan is, but it's bigger and more terrifying than they'd expected!

Can the Spies defeat Jazz Hands and his army of mimes? Jazz Henze is on the loose, and Sam start to lie to her friends about her employment in school. With Sam's something going on.

Clover and Alex began to follow her and find out that Sam is with Jazz Henz when it is trying spies turn in all the memes, undercover. Jazz Henze was able to open the park with spies. To carry out his plan helps him Sam. Alex and Clover have to learn what totally in reality and what their friend over to the forces spies evil. Throughout the campus Malibu someone attacks the students. And what is more surprising, all the victims, it's athletes. Clover began taking lessons of theater, deciding to get as many fans as possible.

Her boyfriend, whose name is William, with the words of Sam is just a pile of muscle totally. Jerry sent spies to fight with the creator of the serum that turns citizens into giants. The long-standing friendship girls collapsing due to the vagaries of Clover, consider the implementation of the dirty work in jobs below their dignity, because she won the main competition WOOHP. Spies sent to the boutique Gpouv carry out the next mission. They are opposed by villains - robots that once already defeated.

Spies have not gone on holiday, despite the holidays. Alex, Clover and Sam must at all costs to defeat blaine villain, stop the unusual snowstorm, find out what kind of objects appeared over the city.

Spies need to find out who created the dirty tornadoes, floods of junk and huge dusty clubs have appeared in all the cities. When Jerry's mother, Mrs. Lewis, accidentally ingests a concentrated dose of pure evil, she becomes evil. As Season 5 has a more blaine story, Blaine's relationship with Clover is spies only in the series totally last for more than one episode.

The next 2 episodes " Another Evil Boyfriend " and " Return of Geraldine " focus on their relationship. It is revealed in the Blaine arc that he is actually a freelance spy hired to kill Clover, whom he believed was an evil spy. He had been researching Clover and her interests from a secret room which also houses a telescope aimed at the girls' penthouse.

His gadgets include the same robotic spiders that Dominique used against Clover in " Totally Busted ". After being foiled totally the girls, he is set straight by Jerry that he is an ally on the good side of the spies. Excusing himself for his next mission, he goes after his employer who turns out to be Geraldine Husk.

Unfortunately, he is captured, and Clover arrives, she too is captured, but they manage to free themselves and hd bra gallery their love.

Alex and Sam arrive, and together they defeat Geraldine. Blaine reappears in the season 5 finale " Totally Dunzo " as one of the spies naked bbw tiny tits by "Agent X".

After being freed, he assists the others in fighting the drones, but is quickly defeated, leaving SamanthaClover blaine, and Alexandra to finish the Season 5 ' final battle. His relationship with Clover is still intact, almost kissing before Alex interrupted them.