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She ran from the masked psycho in a fucking towel like it was nbd and proceeded to help Mike and coordinate their panicked group. She has the potential to save everyone from the wendigos, at great risk to herself.

My heart fucking broke in the last episode.

sam MIKE Cons : A little self-involved, kind of a dick in his dating habits, unclear with his companions in his intentions in situations of life or death. He tried to save Josh even though he was the one who organized that whole nightmare. Pros : Will defend his best friend until the end, tries his hardest to protect those he cares about, self-sacrificing, maybe excessively so.

EMILY Cons : She treats Matt like shit, she is way too judgmental, cannot take anything lightly, needs to chill Like, damn, you are very jealous, girl. Pros : She will figure out any fucked up situation, she will comfort dawn friends, is amazingly until trooper. Pros : He is amazingly protective, brave sexy fuck, will help any of his friends by the end, can be the sweetest fucking character there is.

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Pros : She manages to survive some insane shit, works well with others in the face of danger. He risks all of his friends lives to get back at them with a significantly more horrible prank.

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Mike- All types of stuff, animals, trying weird candy, pranking friends and maybe even a hair tutorial everyone wanted to know how he gets that hairdo.

Plus, the film is… dare I say… a tad bit on the gay side? Matt and Emily are almost non-existent, sorry guys. With all due respect to Lucy, all I can see here is Josh Washington with his wife Sam at the Oscars getting the ending he deserves. Log in Sign up. It's here!! I was gonna do fancier shading but I think my simple shading style works better in this case.

Jessica and Mike

What was meant to be a short drabble to get my feelings about Until Dawn out and also practice writingturned into this huge nightmare of a fic. Keep reading.

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You guys gave me a bunch of great ideas that I might use in future fics sometime. She tried to scream, but something tugged at her leg and pulled her into the freezing water before she could get a sound out. She clamped her mouth shut and aimlessly flailed her arms, but was dragged further and further into the icy abyss.

Sam while sympathizing with male domination gay is understandable, especially since he has the mitigating circumstances of serious mental illness, can we please stop acting like he did absolutely nothing dawn At the end of Until Dawn when Sam was running to the light switch, and also running from a wendigo, another wendigo attacked it and she hit sam lights. There were three wendigos in the house and Hannah killed one sexy them, leaving her and one other left.

They end up partying till 3 in the morning. Mike and Josh end up passed out on the floor because they overdosed on candy.

Sometime after the prank and before the main story starts, Mike left Emily for Jessica, being drawn to her fun-loving personality as opposed to Emily's high maintenance. Since the start of the game, the two are both shown to sexy an intimate and laid-back couple, constantly flirting, playing pranks on dawn other, and heading to the cabin to have intercourse.

Both show a high level of until for each other, as when Jessica is attacked, Until bravely chases after her in order to save her. He will feel incredibly guilty if he couldn't get to her in time, even blaming her potential death on himself if the player took the longer paths or stumbled too much.

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Jessica orchestrates the prank on Hannahinvolving Mike leading Hannah up to the bedroom and embarrassing her by pretending to be sexually interested in her. She will later claim that Hannah can't take a joke. Upon his arrival, the two participate in a snowball fight, which finishes with Dawn tackling Jessica onto the ground and the two flirt, which she nude black female pictures either reciprocate by kissing, playfully throwing a snowball in his face, or by doing nothing, which results in an awkward moment between the two.

The two then head up to the lodge to meet up with the others. The two arrive at the lodge and cuddle on the couch together, which is interrupted as Emily engages Jessica in an argument, while Sam observes. Ultimately, Josh breaks it up and suggests that sexy go to the guest cabinin which Mike invites Jessica, taking her by the hand. After exiting the lodge, the two continue to flirt and Jessica gets Mike to take until selfie, which if done correctly, she'll comment on how they look like the "cutest couple".

On their way to the cabin, Jessica falls into the mineswhich Mike is immediately concerned about.

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Depending on the player's decision, Mike can be brave and jump down to her aid, which impresses her, or stay up and give her instructions on how to get out, ultimately frustrating her with his lack of care for her. Following this, Jessica continues to tease Mike playfully, laughing as a mine cart may knock him over, saying he "literally ate shit. Upon exiting the mine, Jessica finds a telescope and will claim to have seen a figure at the cabin.

Mike may then spot said creature if he decides to take a closer look.