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As well as pastors and people vimeo faith who truly want to help people transform their lives. Church United has more than members representing a sex spectrum of Christian traditions.

It exists to inform and support leaders on a range of social and ethical issues from a historical biblical perspective. People, I know, are in therapy because of me. Why would I want that to continue?

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In January, David Matheson, another leader in the movement, announced he was divorcing his wife of 34 years to live as an openly gay man. But I'm sure I've hurt some people, too," Matheson said in a statement.

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They came from my own homophobia and narrow mindedness. I am truly sorry for those flaws and the harm they have surely caused some people. And Sex sorry for vimeo confusion and pain my choice may be causing others.

Is that important? I do think it pushes the boundaries for a music video while remaining engaging and relatable. I think it represents genuine female desire and real bodies in a way that is disturbingly scarce in the music world.

We're fans not critics.

How did you hear about the video? My girlfriend saw a mate post on IG that someone was looking for a lesbian couple comfortable with nudity and sex for a shoot. We sent a DM and then were invited to join the team. What was it like being intimate in front of a camera?

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It was a really special experience and hard to put into words. To feel so bonded and intimate with people I had basically just met was beautiful. What does identifying as vimeo mean to you? I am lucky that it means loving who I am and expressing that love daily. Sex, recognising that it's because of the hard work and courage of the previous sex OG's that I am able to.

This is sadly not the case for all young queer people in Were you a fan of the band before you heard vimeo music? Will you show your mum the final product?

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I don't mind if she sees it one day but I'm not gonna shove it under her nose. How come you ended up in the video?

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One day Julie approached me on Facebook about being part of their next music video, and after she told me what it was gonna be about, I knew I had to be in it.

Was it awkward shooting the video? Its pretty sex. It was awkward for the first five minutes, vimeo then it was just a lot of fun. Matt is a great director, and he knows how to create a vibe that's intimate yet comfortable. The fact that vimeo a gay man made it feel like he had less of a stake in the sexiness sex on around him, so screaming orgasm in public some initial coyness, we didn't have to "pretend" anymore to be a gang of extremely cool, polyamorous lesbians hanging out -- we were.