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While he is certainly entertaining, he also does a great job of explaining his actions and decision-making process to viewers.

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If you ask him a question, it is likely you will get an answer. Here we have a music connoisseur who is about to change your whole reality with just a couple of cherry picked songs from his brilliant music library.

Shure SM7B. Streaming Setup CPU. Wagamamatv Social. Tweets by WagaGaming.

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More Dota 2 Streamers. Latest Posts. SingSing Twitch stream has over 39 million views andfollowers. SingSing is best known for his funny commentary.


He has special code names and terms for almost everything in the Dota world. SingSing is from the Netherlands, and now has retired from twitch professional Dota game playing. Wagamama is a Swedish Dota player who started playing the game in He has played wagamama Dota for the famous team, Emocore. Wagamama has more thanfollowers on Twitch. Offlaner Solo Middle. Team Infused. Pulse eSports. ROOT Gaming.

Dota 2 Twitch - Our top five choices for the best streamers!

Retrieved QPAD's Facebook page. Retrieved October 16, Hidden category: Pages with hard coded colors. After which, he studied to become a massage therapist and then work in a vacation resort for a while. When he got bored with that, he studied at Lund University.

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He was then introduced to streaming by AssMan. Wagamama joined CompLexity Gaming as a streamer on October 14, Age Birthday 7th April.

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