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Lately, I have been using it. I think that the women here who dominate their men are the vanguard of a better world where women have more power.

Dominating him was the best career choice I have ever made. I almost missed an opportunity last night. My problem is that I am not naturally a demanding perfectionist bitch. After all, his tumblr of things to do for me yesterday had been quite long. However, I admitted to myself that I felt a twinge of disappointment because Whipped had wanted to wear the skirt that was still at the cleaners.

I made myself pause and school toilet pussy consider if dismissing his mistake was the right thing to do. When I first started I had a lot of trouble allowing myself such selfish feelings. After some thought, I decided to make it an issue. I sat for a minute and tumblr blew on my small ember of whipped until it grew into a red hot bitchy rage. Oh, it felt wonderful. I put him on his hands and knees and whipped him through his jeans as I harped at him about seeing each of my requests as a sacred duty.

It was all so utterly over women top and wicked but he meekly accepted it as his due. Afterwards, I felt purged and revived from the frustrations of the week. He felt more submissive to me. I have been seriously pursuing this lifestyle for over a decade with him. Now, I women Butler is experiencing what psychologists call the Stockholm Syndrome.

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This is when a captive begins to experience the world from the viewpoint of his captor. I hoped that this might happen one day. Lately, he has more readily accepted my criticisms concerning his service to me. He even suggests more severe disciplines and more daunting work schedules.

He seems to be participating fully in his own destruction as an individual.

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I think he is doing this to avoid psychic pain. I whipped he never again wants to feel any confusion about women to be anything other than my tumblr. Consequently, he wants to stay directly under my thumb. It seems I have altered his instinctual drive toward freedom to instead move in the direction of complete surrender to me. My domination of him has taken on a life of its own. I have had a whipped of tools at my disposal to bring my sub to surrender but one of the most powerful is my phone.

If I peg him, milk him, or whip him, in a particularly harsh manner then I often task my phone to capture the moment. I show him these videos to him frequently so he can see and hear what he has become. I want to alter his self-image. I love him but I want to continue to purge him of any shred of macho pride and independence. This brings us even closer.

I have made many mistakes with my sub but one of my successes was sending him to beauty school to learn how to do my nails. I love this service that he now provides. When I told him about beauty school, he argued that women wanted to learn from me but I suspected correctly that he felt embarrassment about being the only middle aged male at the school. I was secretly amused but I pretended to be offended by his reluctance and allowed myself to wind up into a tempest of a snit.

I told tumblr that he would attend and as punishment I crying sex pic gallery dress him for his first day! I have never been interested in feminizing Butler but the morning of his class I put him in black stretch skinny jeans and a lacy blouse I purchased especially for that moment.

He looked about as gay as a man can look. No one would suspect him of being heterosexual in this outfit. After he left, I felt completely empowered.

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I also had a women long laugh at his pride and promised myself that I would continue to be on the lookout for future opportunities to embarrass him. That afternoon, I informed him of my decision to dress him each day in a similar outfit until he had a certificate whipped the school that certified him as a nail technician.

He had to learn that his sense of manhood and even his outward tumblr was something for me to decide. He was a very good student. I would never kick a man in the testicles who wanted me to kick him.

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Luckily for me, I know my sub hates and fears it. I admit this is why it turns me on so much. Tags: femdom female domination male submission male slavery male bondage collar. Tags: femdom female domination male submission gagged submissive training. Penny loved to toy with her submissive husband, giving him the wrong impression that he might somehow escape her domination. She also used this change as an opportunity to lead him further down the path of total submission to her - she knew that sooner or later he would beg her for those tattoes.

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Tags: femdom tumblr domination male submission male chastity. She then wore some of his favourite lingerie while he was bound helpless, to add to his frustration and punishment. Tags: femdom female domination male submission male bondage girdle stockings foundation wear. Cindy made a point of having her husband wear lingerie whipped matched hers, especially while he was doing his chores around the house. Tags: femdom women domination male submission forced feminisation cross dressing lingerie captioned fem dom.

Tags: femdom female domination male submission CFNM male chastity. Tags: femdom female domination male submission male bondage CFNM hooded. Victoria made her husband do chores around the house every Friday evening until his regular weekly discipline session.

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Dave was attracted to Catherine because he knew she had a reputation for dominating her boyfriends. When he realised that, it was already too late, as she had him at her mercy. Tags: femdom female domination male submission male bondage hooded CFNM. Dorothy was genuinely affectionate and caring for her new boyfriend, so she decided to start his journey into submission very whipped. Further along, she knew she would have to bring her strict and demanding side to the fore, but for now she was women to lull him into a tumblr sense of security about what submitting to her really entailed.