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And when something becomes so widely accessed by the masses, it's hard to put any kind of stop to it. Everything in moderation kids.

The data includes usernames, email addresses, and what appear to be poorly-hashed passwords.

This trend in how we create and consume porn will hopefully help society finally start treating sex workers with some damn respect.

Editing porn on a phone is no simple task. As it stands now, and as xHamster points out, there is a lot of porn being created and consumed every single minute of the day. We earn only when you earn with your revshare program. Get paid for every video view. Get additional profit based on the ads around your videos.

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The better content — the bigger profit. Start selling your videos. Free xHamster promotion. New fans. The lesson: xHamster users should change their password on the porn site as a precaution, but also change it on any other sites that used the same password.

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With this database, hackers can attempt to access other accounts belonging to the victim with the leaked credentials. Update: After the publication of this article, Alex Hawkins, xHamster spokesperson, told Motherboard in an email, "The only way to respond to this news is to coin a new term: 'Fhack.

There was a failed attempt to hack our database which occurred 4 years ago. Yes, you do.

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You need to own rights to the content. Be prepared to provide certain documentsIDs, model releases. I don't have a paysite, can I earn with your content program? Sure, xHamster Premium gives you an opportunity to sell videos without a paysite or store, just upload your videos and xhamster do the rest.

You need to own the content rights and provide certain documents, e. How much money will I make from selling videos? The theme among all the sites this year isn't some niche weirdness, but rather it's our propensity for porn on the go. Mobile devices sign changed how we consume and create porn, and the data solidly backs that up.

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With its year end stats report SFWxHamster is highlighting all the standard stuff; most popular celebrities, most popular categories, popular searches and top countries by visit.

But the thing we should be keyed in on is how much time we're spending on porn sites using our mobile devices. Over two-thirds of site traffic Motherboard attempted to contact a number of individuals implicated by the breach, but did not receive a response.

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To check that the data was not already publicly available, Motherboard searched for the same email addresses on the open internet. The vast majority returned no relevant Google search results. An xHamster spokesperson told Motherboard in an email, "The passwords of all xHamster users are properly encrypted, so it is almost impossible to hack them.