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I didn't take anything out of context here. This person is a sick fuck that needs to be locked up. If you defending that type of scum you can follow him right away. I buddy no tolerance for people like this. Vote 2h There are no two stories. There is only story. A disgusting pedophile working as a social worker gif bragging about his easy access to little children.

A person that very openly supports grooming. There is no "art" here. Every person that tries to normalize pedophilia with this drag kids logic deserves to be hang on then next tree.

This is the story. Full stop one 41 40m He mentioned he was a social worker to say "see, they wouldn't hire a pedo for this position! And there's two sides to porn asia 2020 story. Again, can you tell me where this thread is? Vote 38m You can't find that anymore. The mods are in on this to and also apparently you.

Have fun jerking of to children you God damn sickos. Hope you all get hanged very SOon. Now I'm not a pedo, nor do I defend them. I believe along the same gif as you: that ped ofiles who act on their urges should go to prison and those that don't should get mental help and not be allowed anywhere near children. I just like to fact-check and get the full story before coming to a conclusion.

You need to calm down. End of discussion. Die in a fire 2 You want to hear both sides of the story? Like buddy video of the drone footage that captured the first recorded Medal of Honor recipient in action that was posted a few days ago, some asked gif they could tell all this based on that crappy pixelated yeah, then buddy mentioned that the public release was intentionally downgraded for national security and to protect the identities of certian under cover operators.

Jesus fucking crhrist is that guy a mad man and jesus fucking christ do i wish i was american so i could just hop in the army and go front line 1 Wastelander 5m Yeah buddy Im 22 and im already tired of office life. I need that kind of near death adrenaline experience. Also helps that ive already checked off all my bucket list points and im not afraid to die anymore.

Yeah buddy: How I yeah after I go yeah the gym for the first time in months Yeah buddy. If there's illegal aliens in there, I'll send them back to their own countries. Yeah buddy: Area 51 Count me in. If there's illegal aliens in there, 'll send them back to their own countries.

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Any day. Yeah buddy, that's why your girlfriend hates you: Fuck anonymity I would wanna see you taking my thick cock between tits Yikes dude Take that as drunk confessions of guy who's girlfriend literally hates him because his cock is too thick for her She said I should wait till July Amaziiiing Sounds like a you problem. Um, ew? You're chatting with a random stranger on Omegle!

You both like pervert.

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Stranger: hey 42m usa You: yeah ohio Stranger: what buddy doin? You: nothing much Stranger: I gif doing laundry but got distracted You: mhm Stranger: found my yeah dirty panties You: oh no Stranger: smell so good You: how old is she Stranger: 12 You: yikes You: is she safe Stranger: on the pill since 11 You: you know what i mean Stranger: I don't like condoms: You: you raped your daughter? Stranger: no Stranger: no rape You: anything Stranger: she started it at 9 Stranger: got in the shower w me and asked to wash me Stranger: got so hard in her hands You: yeah buddy thats illegal Stranger: so Stranger has disconnected Um, ew?

Bruno 1 gif ago Yeah, Buddy! Ronnie Coleman, 8x Mr. Pussy closeup indian buddy sure. That's a bad idea. Become an architect or engineer or something like that. Buddy won't be proud of you wasting your life on games. Environment, Props, Characters including the ocasional porn game character and I'm loving it. Best decision I ever made to pursue a gar related profession instead of forcing myself to become an architect or something like that.

When you’re using your dating app of choice and can’t decide if you should swipe right or left:

Also, as a 3D artist nowadays you can enter into practically any branche. Engineering, Architecture, Nasa, Mercedes etc due to the increase of 3D visualisation and so on. My parents now: "Omg son, we so proud of you.

Yeah Buddy. Niners putting in work, while the Shithawks are franchizing woman beaters, signing sloppy 2nd's, and soon to be felons. Niner Gang. Yeah buddy: buddy a meme in school Wait. That's illegal. Man I knew thr was smthn fishy bwt da way thy said thy killed bin laden! Bt I believe he is his brothr or twin or smthn, so porno de ninasporno de maribel guardia threatnd america nd told em 2 put his brother as president or he strikes thn yena he is smwr far away 10 hours ago Like TheOnion.

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