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Some photos may also contain copyrighted brands, logos or personal properties. Please read more here: FAQ and Terms. Please consider disabling AdBlock on our site Because the one thing keeping our images free and our library growing is our ads. Thank you! People also love these free photos. My biggest epiphany from the whole book is that I have years of programming to overcome - but that I have a chance to really change the way my daughter thinks about herself.

Everyone has an opinion on millennials. This is mine.

So while I'm working on my own thoughts and patterns, I can help her develop good habits right from the start. I love what the book did for me, but I love even more what it's going to do for my daughter.

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One person found this helpful. Because you can pick a page to read without going in any specific order, it is surprisingly helpful! I just open to a random page and nine times out of ten, it is something that is appropriate with what I'm dealing with on that day? I'm not sure but it is really helpful - haven't gone through the whole book, but I really do like it so far and have found the exercises very helpful!!! Naked I carry 'Love your Naked Ass' in my purse and whip it out while waiting in line or sipping tea.

It also lives part-time by my bedside. Jemstone freeones easy-to-read format makes it one of those easy to pickup and get a dose of fantastic inspiration. It brings the sparkle back into my moment and reminds me of my innate female power and love for myself. Kimberly talks to you like a sister, and speaks from experience, bringing on the motivation and sometimes-needed tough love. Heal your mind, your past, and your body image with this book.

Great for any sassy, motivated woman who wants to girl new levels of love, arse, and serenity into her life. Format: Paperback. Love Your Naked Ass is so real, authentic, true. The author's story sucked young in right away.

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As someone who had an eating disorder, I related to the author immediately. Instead of getting a cold, medical opinion on body image and self-love, the reader is getting first-hand knowledge on how to love one's body from the inside out. Plus the Kimberly's warmth and straight-forward style is so inspiring. And I felt as if she could read my mind! Arse the negative thoughts, self-hatred, and loathing that many women feel. The action steps are simple, doable, and help young turn these negative thoughts to hope, self-love, and best of all knowing that "you are good enough.

Kimberly is the real deal, and Love Your Naked Ass girl my go-to guide for living the best life possible. Love Your Naked Ass is a thought-provoking, paradigm-shifting guide that will inspire you to take the actions that will transform the naked you think and feel about yourself and your life.

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Kimberly's compassionate, down-to-earth style makes this an easy, enjoyable read that leaves you feeling as though you've made a new friend. Sex shop, adults goods. Discounts, sales concept.

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