Zoella nude

And where she leads, her followers, um, follow. Cue WeStandWithZoe.

Zoella Has Just Been HACKED - Here's Everything You Need To Know - We The Unicorns

Plenty of her fans, both male and female, uploaded photos of themselves in their pyjamas, nighties and the rest. Some pointed out what they perceive as a media-wide double standard which sees papers treating male and female semi-nudity differently:.

Zoella's point - that there wasn't much sexual or shameful about her original Snapchat - is a pretty good one. WeStandWithZoe why do the press have to say an innocent lady who posted a beautiful picture into a slut?

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It's sexist and disrespectful???? WeStandWithZoe 's very existence is a disturbing reminder of our society's abhorrent double standards. She did nothing wrong? This is why I love Zoella. You go beautiful!

Vlogger’s fans responded to newspaper’s claim she’d ditched her ‘wholesome image’…

Zoe was also subject to a stressful period last year when Caspar Lee's phone number was leaked and the hackers behind threatened the incident also claimed to have naked photos of Zoella that she sent to boyfriend Alfie Deyes. Of course, none of this materialised. We're so pleased Zoe now has her account back and nothing too stressful took place. It does make us wonder Surely Zoella knows better to have a password that you can nude guess?